Hiii!!!!! I'm Sa-nyaaa~ or Laika (Im a cat named after a dog x3)!!! and I use she/her pronounz!
This is my totally rad website B) There isnt much here :< but when I make things like projects Ill put them here :3!!! In the mean time,, why not check out my socials :33!! @.sanya on discord btw :3

Because fuck corporatisation of the internet, and fuck the dystopian business of harvesting data.

Let us be hackers once more, citizens of the interwebz. Let us once again be in control of our identities and our data.

Take what you want and give nothing back, exploit the exploiters

Meow and bark in voice chat, for to be cringe is to be free

Be who you are, for the body you were born with was merely a suggestion

Punch nazis and troll TERFs, and don't forget to bash the fash

If you saw someone shoplift food, no you didn't

Here we are free, unshackled by borders and physical form

To form our own identities, our own spaces

So let us keep the web free